Art of the Day-Alchior


For the past couple months I’ve been playing a 5th edition D&D home brew campaign my fiance made for our friends and myself. Well, he actually has two campaigns going right now, and I’m in both. Anyways, in the one campaign we finally met our “big bad,” or at least I hope he is. His name is Alchoir. He is a wild magic druid and has already shifted into a giant elk, which I also hope to one day draw as well. As soon as my fiance started describing this guy, I fell in love with his design. So I tried drawing him, and below is the result.Alchoir

Honestly, there was a lot that I tried this time that I had never done before. I used a different way to create the background, a different shading style, and the way I choose the coloring. It made it a lot more smooth  to create this. It took less time than it usually does for me to draw digitally, and I did more this time than I usually do. So I’m kinda excited about that. 🙂

Have you ever played D&D? What’s your favorite class or race? Got any good stories from a roleplay campaign you were in/wrote? Comment below!

Hope you guys have a good rest of the week!


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