Transforming Old Coloring Pages into Homemade Cards

I love the idea of reusing colored pages from old coloring books and turning them into a fun craft to use around the house. A couple of weeks ago I talked about how to make bookmarks out of your favorite coloring pages. (I am happy to note that I made 5 or 6 bookmarks out of… Continue reading Transforming Old Coloring Pages into Homemade Cards


DIY Personalized Pencil Holder

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I got snowed in from our latest winter storm Jonas, and kinda got stuck in my apartment. Which turned out to be awesome for me because this craft took longer than I thought to complete it! Just to get a little backstory, a couple of months ago I… Continue reading DIY Personalized Pencil Holder


DIY Power Star Ornaments

I love the holiday season. It is a great way to end the year, by hanging with friends and spending time with family. This year, to help decorate for the holidays, we got a Christmas tree. I haven't really looked, but it is taller than me, so that means it is at least 6 foot… Continue reading DIY Power Star Ornaments


DIY Upcycled Bat Wall Decorations

I am so excited to get started on decorating for Halloween! This has been one of my favorite holidays, and so I get really hyped when it comes around each year. For this round, I decided to see how much I could create from reusing old products like cereals boxes and such I use in… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Bat Wall Decorations

Tips and Tricks

How to Do Blockprinting

Hi guys! A couple of months ago I worked with a friend to run an Arts and Crafts Festival booth. We made block prints to sell, and I sold my designs of the first generation of starter Pokemon there. Looking back at it still brings a goofy smile to my face. I had so much fun… Continue reading How to Do Blockprinting


Upcycled Watch Tin

A couple of months ago my mom sent me a bunch of jars and miscellaneous tins for me to use in my projects. Which is awesome, cause it gave me a base for my many paint projects. Well, I lost them in the craziness of last spring semester. Then I moved into my new apartment this… Continue reading Upcycled Watch Tin


Perler Beads: Team Magma and Team Aqua

Hi guys! Hope everyone has had a good start to their week. I have not...Yesterday my head started hurting and the next thing I knew I was sick! D: But luckily I can still type up a quick blog post before passing out again. A while ago I saw that someone had searched to see if… Continue reading Perler Beads: Team Magma and Team Aqua


Creating a Recycled Sketchbook

It feels like it has been months since the last time I created something and remembered to take pictures of the process! I mean sure I had my whole phone not being able to take photos because it was broken, but this pass weekend I got a new phone, finally, which made it a lot… Continue reading Creating a Recycled Sketchbook


Repainting Knick Knacks

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to go out and browse around Goodwill. As I walked through the store, I spotted a pair of geese that were dirty but in great shape. They were adorable but I just walked away for them. Then I started to walk by them again and again.… Continue reading Repainting Knick Knacks


DIY Upcycling Coffee Containers

A few months ago I went to GenCon. While there I brought a large coffee maker with me because my motel did not have coffee, and I am a coffee lover who needs it everyday in order to function. (I know, it is a bad habit.) After the trip, I had a collection of coffee… Continue reading DIY Upcycling Coffee Containers