Transforming Old Coloring Pages into Homemade Cards

I love the idea of reusing colored pages from old coloring books and turning them into a fun craft to use around the house. A couple of weeks ago I talked about how to make bookmarks out of your favorite coloring pages. (I am happy to note that I made 5 or 6 bookmarks out of… Continue reading Transforming Old Coloring Pages into Homemade Cards


Reuse Coloring Pages: DIY Bookmarks

Hi everyone! How are you today? Today's project is one I recently started thinking about. Adult coloring books have become a huge, positive way to help de-stress after a hard day at work. I have two books gifted to me this past Christmas, and I love them! But I've been wondering, what do you do… Continue reading Reuse Coloring Pages: DIY Bookmarks

Art: Drawings and Beyond

I’m Grateful For…

If you are from the USA, you're probably about to start celebrating Thanksgiving, if you haven't already. 😉 This holiday has transformed into something completely different from its original creation. It has now transformed into a holiday to get together with family and friends and celebrate the things you're grateful for. Plus, stuffing your face with… Continue reading I’m Grateful For…