I’m Grateful For…

If you are from the USA, you’re probably about to start celebrating Thanksgiving, if you haven’t already. 😉

I'm Grateful For...

This holiday has transformed into something completely different from its original creation. It has now transformed into a holiday to get together with family and friends and celebrate the things you’re grateful for. Plus, stuffing your face with all the treats your families bring!

I’m grateful for a lot of things, some more than others. The list though has changed from last year, when I drew all the things I was thankful for. Below is a quick list of some of these:

  • Family. They have always watched out for me, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
  • Friends. They say friends are the family you pick for yourself, and I couldn’t agree more.
  • Stories. Without stories, we wouldn’t have the knowledge that’s been passed down many generations. Without stories, I wouldn’t be able to watch tv, read books, play video games, or play board games. It’d be a pretty boring world without them.
  • Environment. There are still so many mysteries surrounding what is out there in our backyards. I’m grateful to be able to still be able to go outdoors and explore the beauty of nature.
  • Imagination. I’m grateful that we have imaginations, that we can think for ourselves.
  • Sunsets. They’re just pretty, and a great beautiful rainbow of colors to end the day.
  • Positive Thoughts. These help make the world go round. Not really, but some days it feels like it.
  • Hope. I’m grateful to be able to hope for the future. To be able to keep those positive thoughts and to keep motivation towards reaching my goals in life.

What are you grateful for?



P.S. As a random bonus, I decided to make this into a coloring page as well! I don’t really know how to make this a link, so here it is. Just click on the image below and it should send you to a larger version of it you can print off! (It looks better if you print it in a landscape format.)

I'm Grateful For...Coloring Page



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