What Made My Weekend


Bird Watching. I got to go bird watching for one of my classes this weekend.ย I had a blast travelling around the county staring down birds and trying to figure out what species they were. I even got to capture a few cool pictures of the whole scene that I could not help but post on instagram.

Flaming Hot Cheetos. It has been a year or so since I had my last bag of these little fireballs. I missed them so much that I decided to splurge and them some for this weekend. They were a lot hotter than I remember. Of course, that might just be from the fact that I have not had them in so long.

Monopoly. Another thing I have not touched in over a year. One of my friends got the craving to play this game over the weekend, and persuaded me to join. I had a blast, and for a little bit thought I was a sure winner. That was until I went bankrupt… Haha, I had fun though, and made some great memories.

Hope you had a great week ahead of you lovelys!



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