Poison Ivy- Art of the Day

I have to be honest with you guys. You have probably noticed this by now, but I love drawing animals. It comes easy to me and I enjoy it. Drawing humans though, is rough. I do not know what it is about us that makes it so difficult to draw. It is all mysterious to me, the angle of our kneecap, the way our head tilts, the curve of our lips, etc. That is why I keep practicing to become perfect, or at least see improvement.

My latest practice piece is one of my favorite Batman villains. Not DC villain, just Batman villain. I will hopefully get back to that later. Yep, Poison Ivy. An environmentalist that went crazy. I love her, and her reason for being “evil.” She does take it too far…most of the time. Anyways, here is a little crossover of Poison Ivy and Little Shop of Horrors.

Poison Ivy

Who is your favorite Batman villain?


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