Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Cape

Last year I cosplayed as a genderbent Argent Adept. I decided to destroy his cape to create Pinion's cape. Mainly because I have no plans to redo that cosplay, though it was a fun experience. So, I took the white off of his cape, and created the cape for Pinion. I created a 1 inch… Continue reading Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Cape


Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Gloves

Hi guys! I am really sorry that this is posted a day late. I have been busy with moving into a new apartment, so it's been a little difficult to work on this cosplay. I am only moving 15 minutes away from my old place, but it is still a tiring task for me. I can… Continue reading Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Gloves


Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Boots

I finally feel like I am getting some progress now. I completed another piece of my cosplay of Pinion from Sentinels of the Multiverse! A couple of weeks ago I finished her dress, and this past week I completed her boots. Well, kinda. I already had a pair of black boots, but I did not want to sew some… Continue reading Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Boots


Working on Exemplar’s Gloves: Coffee Dying Gloves

We're a little closer to getting the cosplay of Exemplar done! The gloves of this cosplay had to look dirty. Below is how it was completed: Supplies: White gloves Coffee Mug Paintbrush Old Towel or Newspaper How It Was Done: Make a pot of coffee. Sit a small cup aside and drink the rest. Get… Continue reading Working on Exemplar’s Gloves: Coffee Dying Gloves

Blog Update

Monthly Round-up: May 2015

Hello everybody! Another month has passed, which means it's time for another monthly round-up! As much I as I do not want to admit this...I've been distracted the past few days by web comics. One of my friends suggested around five for me to read, then my brother suggested four I felt like seeing… Continue reading Monthly Round-up: May 2015

About Me

Dreaming of Cosplays

Unfortunately, I do not have a new project for this week. However, I have had time to think up some ideas of a few projects I want to work on, which are mainly cosplay ideas. If you remember a week or so ago I talked about making a redjacket for Captain Cosmic. Well, my boyfriend… Continue reading Dreaming of Cosplays

Blog Update

New Posting Schedule

Hi lovely bloggers and blog readers! I am thinking of dropping my "What Made My Weekend" posts. My Instagram account is doing the same thing for me. I post the moments that make me smile on that little app, and when I look back at my pictures I remember all of the positive thoughts while… Continue reading New Posting Schedule


WIP Captain Cosmic’s Jacket-Part 1

Hi! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I was wanting to start creating my own cosplays of Sentinel of the Multiverse characters and others. Well, not only am I sewing and working on stuff for my own cosplays, I am creating some for my boyfriends too. One of the characters he is wanting… Continue reading WIP Captain Cosmic’s Jacket-Part 1


Swamp Plushie and Mythical Creatures

Who here loves mythical creatures? Like dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and such? I love this type of thing. Sure, archaeologists have proven that what we thought were dragon skeletons are just a mix-and-match collection of dinosaur bones. But I still love the idea of a fire-breathing reptile roaming the skies! For now, I will just have to accept… Continue reading Swamp Plushie and Mythical Creatures


Making a Dragon Plushie Prototype

This past week I got the idea that I might try making my own design for a dragon plushie and even go a step further and make it. I asked my friends if any of them would like the prototype of my dragon. One of my apartment mates took me up on the offer. I… Continue reading Making a Dragon Plushie Prototype