Working on Exemplar’s Gloves: Coffee Dying Gloves

We're a little closer to getting the cosplay of Exemplar done! The gloves of this cosplay had to look dirty. Below is how it was completed: Supplies: White gloves Coffee Mug Paintbrush Old Towel or Newspaper How It Was Done: Make a pot of coffee. Sit a small cup aside and drink the rest. Get… Continue reading Working on Exemplar’s Gloves: Coffee Dying Gloves


DIY Secret Compartment Book

Last year I had a great planner that read on its cover "Keep Calm and Carry On." Many-a-day I would look at that cover, take a deep breath, and feel more focused on the tasks before me. That little quote that was a motivational poster during WWII in Britain helped me through my everyday life.… Continue reading DIY Secret Compartment Book


Galaxy Dry Erase Board

Every semester has a week that everyone dreads. Finals Week, and it is here again. Even though it is only Tuesday, I have had way more energy drinks and coffee than I care to admit. I have been going slightly crazy with all the studying and stressing I have had this week already. With that… Continue reading Galaxy Dry Erase Board