DIY Personalize Mugs

Last week I posted my collection of cute little Luma Plushies I made for my friends this holiday season. This week I wanted to show you guys how I made some personalized mugs. But wait, hasn't every DIY-ish blog out there done this post? Yep, I know it. And it seems that the reason that… Continue reading DIY Personalize Mugs


Luma Plushies

I finally did it. I created my first plushie. Well, I maybe made more than that, fourteen to be exact. I am so happy with my little army of Lumas from Mario Galaxy. I followed clearkid's tutorial she posted on deviantart, and had a blast making them.  It is a great tutorial and a great pattern. Clearkid has another… Continue reading Luma Plushies


Galaxy Dry Erase Board

Every semester has a week that everyone dreads. Finals Week, and it is here again. Even though it is only Tuesday, I have had way more energy drinks and coffee than I care to admit. I have been going slightly crazy with all the studying and stressing I have had this week already. With that… Continue reading Galaxy Dry Erase Board