Luma Plushies

Luma Plushie Closeup

I finally did it. I created my first plushie. Well, I maybe made more than that, fourteen to be exact. I am so happy with my little army of Lumas from Mario Galaxy. I followed clearkid‘s tutorial she posted on deviantart, and had a blast making them.  It is a great tutorial and a great pattern. Clearkid has another great sewing tutorial on how to make a fleece hat and extras for said hat.

Luma Plushie

These little Lumas were made as presents for some of my friends and family. I made the Lumas in their favorite color, hence the weird number of each color. I hope they like their homemade Christmas gift. I now have a craving to start creating my own designs, so we shall see where that takes me.

Things I learned:

  • Be patient while drawing the pattern unto the fabric. This can make or break the end result if the fabric is not cut right.
  • Practice makes perfect. I still have a long way to go before I make the perfect Luma.


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