Swamp Plushie and Mythical Creatures

Who here loves mythical creatures? Like dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and such? I love this type of thing. Sure, archaeologists have proven that what we thought were dragon skeletons are just a mix-and-match collection of dinosaur bones. But I still love the idea of a fire-breathing reptile roaming the skies! For now, I will just have to accept… Continue reading Swamp Plushie and Mythical Creatures


Updating the DIY Pokeball Cork board

To be honest, I did not think that I would have an additional post for the DIY Pokeball Cork Boards I created at the beginning of this blog. I realized after making my cork boards that they would be really thin and the thumbtacks could go straight into the wall if I hung them up… Continue reading Updating the DIY Pokeball Cork board


The Nightmare Before Christmas

With Christmas almost here, it seems like everything becomes chaotic. This week I went back home for the Holidays, and forgot to take pictures of this weeks craft.But, with the help of my Mom's crafting supplies I was able to create something just as cute. One of my favorite movies to watch during this time is The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Luma Plushies

I finally did it. I created my first plushie. Well, I maybe made more than that, fourteen to be exact. I am so happy with my little army of Lumas from Mario Galaxy. I followed clearkid's tutorial she posted on deviantart, and had a blast making them.  It is a great tutorial and a great pattern. Clearkid has another… Continue reading Luma Plushies


Galaxy Dry Erase Board

Every semester has a week that everyone dreads. Finals Week, and it is here again. Even though it is only Tuesday, I have had way more energy drinks and coffee than I care to admit. I have been going slightly crazy with all the studying and stressing I have had this week already. With that… Continue reading Galaxy Dry Erase Board

Blog Update

Monthly Round-up: November 2014

As some of you know, I created this blog as a way to help me encourage myself to improve my skills in art, fabrication, and crafts. This past month I have learned a lot of great skills. When I created the Pokeball Corkboards, I learned that sharpie is not the best type of writing utensil… Continue reading Monthly Round-up: November 2014


DIY Perler Bead Barrettes

This is a pretty simple DIY, but it can make some cute gifts for your geeky special someone. I ended up creating two of my own designs for this project, which made me very excited. The ones that I created were for two of Amaterasu's weapons from Okami, a game that came out for the… Continue reading DIY Perler Bead Barrettes


DIY Pokeball Cork Board

With ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) coming out later this week, I am excited that I decided to create a Pokeball Cork board how-to craft first for this blog.

About Me, Blog Update

A New Journey

Hello, and welcome to the blog that is known as ArtsyRobot. This blog was created to help me improve my skills on a number of things, including: Fabrication- I recently have fallen in love with creating and sewing cosplay outfits and plushies. I made some cosplay attire for a local convention a month or so ago and… Continue reading A New Journey