Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Cape

pinion[1]Last year I cosplayed as a genderbent Argent Adept. I decided to destroy his cape to create Pinion’s cape. Mainly because I have no plans to redo that cosplay, though it was a fun experience.

So, I took the white off of his cape, and created the cape for Pinion. I created a 1 inch hem from where I wanted to sew.  One problem I had with this cape was my sewing machine. It started snagging on the two fabrics. By the time I got done with one side, I was really, really frustrated. I switched to hand sewing the rest of it.

Working on the cape with my sewing machine.
 Then I turned the cape inside out and hand sewn the rest of the cape. Next I folded down the top two ends of the cape and added one half of four snap-ons unto the cape and the other half to the dress. I don’t have a picture of the finished project, which sucks. Hopefully while I’m at GenCon I can get a pic.

I plan to use safety pins if the snaps won’t do the trick. I’m so excited! This was the last piece I needed for my Pinion cosplay! I am now starting to feel the excitement of getting to go to GenCon rush to me. I can’t wait to be up there! I plan to take lots of pictures, and will hopefully, with the permission of the cosplayer, post them on Instagram under this blog.

What is your favorite Convention to go to?


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