Short Story Session: Episode 2

Short Story Session is a blog post series where I write a scene in the life of random stories. Using writing prompts sent in by you, and from a list I created a while back, these posts are created. Welcome to Short Story Session: Episode 2.


They gave me a choice. Just two doors for me to go through they told me. Right, I get to go back to the beginning, start my life again, but this time I would be able to tell the future. Left, die a thousand deaths with each one worst then the last.  Just as I had tortured my village for what they did to me. An easy choice for me, I thought.  My life could be so much better this way. No regrets, no what ifs, I could be free of my pain for what I didn’t do. No one would say I was the Demon’s child anymore. I would be free. So of course I choose the right door.  Because choosing the right door has to be the right way, right?

My life got rewound. I started again. I forgot what happened. My pain, my regrets, all was erased.  But it didn’t last long. By the time I could remember, my mom was scared of me. You’re crazy, she’d say. She’d try to ignore it. But I could see what she was thinking. A million possible paths raced inside my head. Which is the best way to live? How can I stop this from happening? How can I tell her it’s ok? No, she ended up being the first one killed.

It would never work out as I thought. My future was always changing too quickly. I tried to hide it. My dark little secret that no one would know. But someone always found out. Always. Always when it is too late. I tried to be good. I really did. I knew that my secret was given to me for a purpose. But everywhere I went my ability didn’t help. It just left a scar of where I once was. Everyone I loved died in front of me a thousand times. Even I died more than once. But someone above showed me mercy and gave me death.

And they knew this would happen. They knew it would be worse to take the right door. Why didn’t I go with the thousand deaths? Because now, I know what I did before. Why did I kill my whole village without any mercy? Now I regret what I did before. They should’ve never told me about my other past. If only I knew what they would do to me.


If anyone has a writing prompt or thoughts about this series, please comment below or email it to me at Thank you for reading and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Please note that these stories are fantastical and are not based off of real events.


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