Cosplay Update: Exemplar’s Pike

Hi guys! As I noted out yesterday on July’s Monthly Round-Up I got to cosplay at GenCon this year! It was so much fun being able to get to walk around as Pinion along with my boyfriend who cosplayed as Exemplar. Together it looked awesome! One piece that we collectively worked on was Exemplar’s pike. We had to make it look cool but not dangerous (so we wouldn’t get kicked out of the convention for carrying weapons).

We ended up buying a black wooden curtain hangar to transform into Exemplar’s pike. The first thing that happened was cutting it down to size. We had to have the pike reach to his hip, but the curtain hanger went to his elbow. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a chop saw to cut it down to size. Next we used a screw driver to make a hole for the screw to go in.

We also bought some oven-bake clay to create the actual pike tip on the end. The clay was shaped around the screw in order for the pike to be screwed into the hanger. When it was finally ready, it was baked in the oven as per the instructions listed on the package of the clay.

Next we used acrylic metallic paint to turn a knob at the end into “metal”. We also did this for the clay pike end. We also used plumber putty to make sure that the clay piece stayed on top of the curtain hanger.

It turned out really well in the end, but unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of it. This is the only photo I have of the pike itself.

We were challenging the Boss Monster statue to a fight with the pike.



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