Art of the Day: Prepping for School

A few months ago I was reading an article from Map Your Progress about coloring in swirls to help visually show progress towards a goal. She did this for herself to help get rid of debt. And it worked! She has many designs now that range from 20 to 365 swirls.

Since I’m approaching my last semester of college, which starts in like three weeks, I thought it would be cool to have one for the semester. My goal is to study each day. If I do, I color in a swirl of my art piece you see below. Well, so I was planning. My semester has 113 days in it. That’s such a specific number that I decided it would be easier to create my own. I made it to be a piece of ivy.

MapYourProgress 113-2

If anyone wants to join me on this adventure, go for it! I know this isn’t the greatest quality, which sucks, but I got to work with what I got. You should check out Map Your Progress‘ stuff. It’s really inspiring!


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