Pikmin Plushie from Scratch

The first project of 2015! A cute little blue pikmin! It was my first try at making a plushie from scratch. After making the Luma Plushies I wanted to make something for my boyfriend. One of his favorite games he played while growing up was, you guessed it, Pikmin. I tried drawing my own template for it… Continue reading Pikmin Plushie from Scratch


Luma Plushies

I finally did it. I created my first plushie. Well, I maybe made more than that, fourteen to be exact. I am so happy with my little army of Lumas from Mario Galaxy. I followed clearkid's tutorial she posted on deviantart, and had a blast making them.  It is a great tutorial and a great pattern. Clearkid has another… Continue reading Luma Plushies


A New Journey

Hello, and welcome to the blog that is known as ArtsyRobot. This blog was created to help me improve my skills on a number of things, including: Fabrication- I recently have fallen in love with creating and sewing cosplay outfits and plushies. I made some cosplay attire for a local convention a month or so ago and… Continue reading A New Journey