A New Journey

Hello, and welcome to the blog that is known as ArtsyRobot. This blog was created to help me improve my skills on a number of things, including:

  • Fabrication– I recently have fallen in love with creating and sewing cosplay outfits and plushies. I made some cosplay attire for a local convention a month or so ago and I haven’t stopped since.
  • Crafting– I have always loved to craft. I love creating crafts for parties, birthdays, the holidays, and such.
  • Art– Since I was little, I have always used art as a way to let out all of my negative emotions. Today I want to learn how to improve my drawing skills, and I have learned that the best way to do that is through practice.
  • Writing– Yep. Like most bloggers, I want to learn how to improve my skills in telling a story. For the most part, I just plan on improving this with my other posts. On occasion though, I might try my hand at writing a quick short story (or such) here and there just to see if I am improving.

On the side note, I must point out that I am what some people call a Geek (sometimes also known as a Nerd). I love science fiction, fantasy, video games, and science. Most of the creations posted on this blog will be somehow related to these topics.

I look forward to posting my first creation on here, and hope that everyone has a wonderful day.


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