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Patreon|| January’s Rewards + A Peek at February’s Lineup

For the past few years I’ve given yearly updates on what’s happening over on Patreon here in my journal. This year, I want to change that up a bit by sharing a monthly peek into what we’re up to over there.

Some perks stay constant, while others get changed up each month. If you’d like to learn more, check out the rewards here.

Today though, I’d like to share some of my favorites of this month, and a hint at what February’s will hold.

January Rewards

Highlights From The Sketchbook Tour

The Matcha Latte tier and up get a sketch from me that is compiled with my other digital sketches and shared in a sketchbook tour at the end of each month. Below are a few from this month’s collection.

The first is the results from an Instagram art challenge I saw that looked fun to do. Each detail of the design is a result from an either/or question.

The next is a word play on “Foxfire.” With the fungus interwoven with a fox that’s made of spectral fire.

The last sketch from this month’s peek is a love potion concept for my Gamified BuJo goal. I’m thinking next month of creating a “monthly quest” to partake in to help me achieve some of my goals that would involve potions.

Digital Download

This month’s download is the last one before I open back up the polls for the digital downloads.

Inspired by my current love for all things high fantasy, this piece is of an owl familiar delivering some goods through the night.

February Lineup

As mentioned earlier, I’m bringing back polls to pick what the next downloadable will be each month. These sketches are currently being voted on to determine which will be next month’s art piece.

Who do you think will be the winner?

And let’s not forget the amazing folks that helped bring these pieces to life! I couldn’t do this without them!

Until Next Time,



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