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Patreon|| February’s Rewards + A Peek at March’s Lineup

This month’s Patreon turned into having a valloween theme. Valloween (Halloween + Valentine combined) was a new term for me but was a perfect fit with the winner of this month’s poll. Just a little reminder, some perks stay constant, while others get changed up each month for Patreon. If you'd like to learn more,… Continue reading Patreon|| February’s Rewards + A Peek at March’s Lineup

Art Business

Patreon|| January’s Rewards + A Peek at February’s Lineup

Each month my patrons get some sweet rewards, including monthly sketches, behind the scenes content, and downloadable illustrations, depending on their tier. In today’s post, I reveal a bit behind the curtain of some of this month’s reward. Plus, get a peek at the potentials for February’s download, which will be voted on over the next few days.