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Draw This Again || Beastender, DND 5e Goliath Barbarian

Back in November, I gave a poll to my patrons to see what I should draw for the next month. (If you’d like to know more about this process, check it out here.) It was a close battle, but in the end, the winning prompt was to draw one of my own D&D characters!

Honestly, I was so shocked that I had to refresh the page a couple times to confirm I saw it correctly.

I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons for a while now, and have about 14 characters in total at this point. With most having been played for seasonal or longer campaigns. They are all very close to my heart, so picking just one was tough.

However, after much consideration, I thought it might be a fun opportunity to redraw one of my first characters ever created. I’m not for certain if I’ve shared her info here before, but a quick rundown:

  • Her name is Kuori “Beastender” Clan of Kalagiono
  • She’s a 7′ 10″ Goliath Barbarian, Path of the Totem.
  • Doesn’t understand the common language well, so has a hard time communicating. Speaks Giant fluently though.
  • Has a bad habit of breaking small things.
  • Has a fiery hatred for Turtledragons.
  • A very straightforward, get it done personality

That list got long on me there, but hopefully that shares a bit of how it is to interact with her. She’s a bit of the classic barbarian trope, but it was fun to just lean into that and enjoy roleplaying with others, you know?

Redesigning her was something new for me to try. I haven’t really done this before with one of my characters, so it was cool to trim and adjust the design to fit her better. The new design has a bit more of her origins and lifestyle wrapped into it then the one from her past.

What do you think?

Here’s them side by side, for an easier comparison.

I couldn’t stop with just a character redesign though for this redraw. I really wanted to create a full scene of her coming back home after a successful hunt in her homeland. This piece became a prequel, if you will, of her before she started adventuring. After all, this became a downloadable art print for my patrons for that month!

If you’d like to see process for creating the full illustration, check out this video!


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