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The Creation of Aviva, the Bunny Fly

This past month I shared some sketches in my Instagram Stories for a project coming later this month. One sketch really called to me to a point of needing to be fully rendered immediately! (Haha, I just couldn’t help myself. When inspiration hits, you just got to go for it, you know?)

The video below shares the recorded process of creating this digital illustration, but I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the thoughts in my head as I worked on it.

Let me start off with the fact that I was so done with winter when working on this piece. Spring was, still is, right around the corner. And working on these fairy designs had me aching for the seasonal change.

Sure, fall is my favorite season. I won’t deny that. But there’s something about these weeks of transition from one season to the next that makes me have an inkling for exploring and witnessing nature at work. And I especially miss the temperatures being high enough to sit outside while I work, especially without freezing to death!

So as I started to sketch out this design, I could feel all of my excitement for the seasonal change flow into it. By the time I got to rendering, it only felt right to pick a pastel palette to empathize that spring-like feeling.

Because of this longing, I found her name to be Aviva, a name that means spring-like. I hope it’ll be a nice hint to the inspiration that transformed into her creation for those that stumble upon her in the future.

If you any questions about my process for creating digital illustrations, please share below!


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