What I Create On Patreon || 2022 Tier Update

Patreon is, simply put, a platform that assists creators of content to earn a monthly income from their subscribers, who get cool perks and rewards in return for their support. In other words, it’s a way to directly support your favorite creatives and maybe even get a few extra treats that the rest of the internet misses out on.

For me, Patreon has helped grow a community that I trust to work with, that challenges me with new characters and suggestions every month, and helps me create illustrations I never thought I would have achieved. It’s a dream come true!

And as I grow, it’s become apparent that it’s time to readjust my Patreon tiers to help make sure it’s the most fun for everyone! Projects that line up with my goals, and you want to support!

Below are the updated tiers, all coming this February 1st. (Changes will be bolded for ease where applicable.)

β˜• House Coffee Blend $3+

  • Early access to finished pieces.
  • Notified early on all giveaways/commission openings before everyone else!
  • Vote on what I’ll work on live on Twitch.
  • A monthly downloadable. (Examples: wallpapers for your phone/computer, a ttrpg digital assets, or coloring pages)
  • First name (or Nickname) at the end of Youtube videos and Twitch Streams.
  • 20% discount in the digital download shop on Ko-fi.
  • Get access to the exclusive Patreon Plaza on Discord

🍡 Matcha Latte $10+ (20 Slots)

  • Everything from House Coffee Blend Tier Above
  • PLUS
    • Each month you can add a suggestion into an ever-growing pool of warmup sketch ideas. If I wind up using the idea, I’ll share it in the month’s sketchbook tour and provide you with a .png of it.
    • After four continuous months on this tier, you’ll receive a 5×7 inch art print and mystery sticker in the mail!

Example of Warmup Sketch:

β˜• Nitro Cold Brew $25+ (5 Slots)

  • Everything from the tiers above,
  • PLUS-
    • VIP status to the commission list. (This means when the commission list is open, you jump to the top of the list when you have a request.)
    • $25 discount on personal commissions.

P.S. Starting January 26 at noon. if you join my community this month, I’ll do a personalized shout-out on my Instagram stories!


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