What Made My Weekend

Reading DarwinThis weekend was a little more special than most for me. This weekend was the first one since the spring semester started in my college. It has been full of studying, and lots of getting together with friends I only get to see during the semester.

Game Night. Each Friday I help host a game night in my apartment. My boyfriend’s family dropped by to join us this weekend, and almost doubled the usual members of our game night. It was such a blast, with games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Love Letter, Say Anything, and more being played.

New Game Store. Over the weekend I got the opportunity to visit a brand-new game store in my town. I think we now have three different game stores, each with their own specialty. One of my friends ended up leaving with two games and my boyfriend bought Ultimate Werewolf from the new game store. The owners were very nice, and I hope the store is successful in our town.

Superbowl SundayI had a blast trying to remember American football sport terms. The halftime show was great in my opinion, but I also like cute things so that might be why. The shark guy from the show was just adorable and I could not get over him!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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