DIY Valentines Day Card

Is it already that time again? Valentines day is right around the corner! Some people say that this holiday was created to sell Hallmark cards. Others, like myself, immediately push up their glasses and say that it was rumored to be a holiday celebrating Saint Valentine, who would marry people when Emperor Claudius II banned marriage.

Close-up hearsI did a little research just to see what there is to find about the history of this holiday. Turns out that’s there is a lot. I could write a whole week-worth of blog post about it. Instead, here is a link to the history channel’s website who probably has the best synopsis.

The Modern rendition of this holiday is usually celebrated with that person that you want to get married to. I see it as a day to celebrate all of your loved ones. The people who make you feel brighter just by knowing they care about you. Your family, friends, and, yes, your significant other.

With a celebration like this, I like to make homemade cards that feel more personal to my friends and family. Below is a quick little tutorial on how to make some unique cards.


Supplies that you will need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Pen
  1. Think of some ideas for what you want to put unto your card. This will make it easier to create.
  2. Hold the construction paper in half.
  3. Draw your design on with your pen and if you have big blocky letters, color them in.
  4. Outline the hearts, or whatever extra detail you want, and poke holes to make it easier to sew.
  5. Begin sewing the little extra design.
  6. If you want to cover up the mess on the back of the card, cut out a piece of paper to put on the inside of the card and glue it down.

Draw and Color-in words Sew in the Detail Finish!

Though cards are not the only option you have when you want to show-off your love. Cooking is also a great way to express it too. On my pinterest I have a little collection of Valentine Ideas to help inspire myself and others to create some heartwarming gifts.

What’s your favorite thing about your loved ones?


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