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Fanart Friday: 1st Gen Starters

~A few weeks ago I worked on these Pokemon Starters and shared them on my social medias. Today I'm sharing a bit more of the story behind them.~ I tried hard to think of something witty to write as to why I drew the evolution trees of the first starters of Pokemon. The truth of… Continue reading Fanart Friday: 1st Gen Starters

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Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

Mood Boards are a fantastic way to help inspire and bring together an idea. Similar to gathering references before you start writing a paper, it's a way to help bring together a project. Here are some reasons I've found to create a mood board: Planning an event (i.e. a wedding, prom night, etc.)Designing a room.Planning… Continue reading Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

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Creating a Witchsona

I've been a fan of the art prompts the tumblr art community create for a while now. Take, for example, Witchsona week. The inspiration started as an idea to celebrate the first full moon of the year. During that week, you work on deciding what type of witch you are. (For more information, here is the… Continue reading Creating a Witchsona