Working Towards Minimalism: Reading

A few weeks ago I talked about how I'm going to try to de-clutter my apartment by slowly shifting into a minimalist lifestyle. With that being said, I want to still use my supplies that I have collected over the past few years. This means that I plan to organize my apartment by finally completing projects… Continue reading Working Towards Minimalism: Reading

Food For Thought

What Makes Me Special?

There are a lot of nights where I find myself laying in bed, thinking, "What makes me special? Why should I keep working hard if someone else is better at [Insert Topic Here]?"

Tips and Tricks

6 Tips to Making a Cheap Cosplay

Cosplaying is very popular in today's convention culture. It can be used as ice breakers to start conversations with strangers, and to geek out with fellow fans of what you cosplay. If you are just getting started, you may not have the money to commission someone to create a costume for you. That's okay. Here are a… Continue reading 6 Tips to Making a Cheap Cosplay