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Planning for 2023 || Art Goals

If I learned anything from last year, it’s that life is full of surprises. Things never go as planned if you’re too strict. But that won’t stop me from continuing to pursue my dreams and set goals. Join me as I share my aspirations for this year, the reasoning behind them, and how I plan to achieve them.


My 2017 New Year’s Resolution

For the past week I've been mentioning that I have an exciting New Year's Resolution. Well, it's finally time for me to explain what I'm up to. This year my resolution is to start an art business. Oh yeah, you read that right. I'm starting a 365 day project of working towards this goal! It's going to… Continue reading My 2017 New Year’s Resolution

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Simple Advice Worth Remembering

I want to say that everyone has a moment of doubt. Where you're just starting to get into something your friends have done for a while. Like crafting or creating art. You see their beautiful creations and look at your....mess. It was one of your first attempts and yet it seems like pure trash compared to theirs.… Continue reading Simple Advice Worth Remembering


Working Towards Minimalism: Reading

A few weeks ago I talked about how I'm going to try to de-clutter my apartment by slowly shifting into a minimalist lifestyle. With that being said, I want to still use my supplies that I have collected over the past few years. This means that I plan to organize my apartment by finally completing projects… Continue reading Working Towards Minimalism: Reading