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Planning for 2023 || Art Goals

As the new year begins, it’s so nice to sit down and take a moment to reflect and plan the next year ahead of us. What is the lifestyle I want? Where do I want to see my career progress? How much do I need to save for that sweet, sweet vacation?

If I learned anything from last year, it’s that life is full of surprises. Things never go as planned if you’re too strict. But that won’t stop me from continuing to pursue my dreams.

So a few weeks ago I sat down and asked myself where I wanted to be in the next few years, and broke it down all the way to what my ideal workday would look like. If you’d like to see my process, check out this post from a few years back.

For today though, I’d like to share the big goals I have for my art this year, my reasoning behind them, and how I’ll hold myself accountable for them!

Goals For This Year

  • APPLY TO 10 ARTIST ALLEYS- I would love to run more booths this year. The few I got to do these past couple of years were some of the biggest highlights of the year for me. I love the atmosphere and behind the scenes of the shows. There’s a thrill to it that I hope to have more chances to experience it this year. I’ll be sure to share on the homepage which ones I’ll be attending as I get approved. Hopefully it’ll be a few, so be sure to comeback and check in.
  • COMPLETE 52 ILLUSTRATIONS- An art piece a week while raising a baby?! Yup, I’m a sucker for overachieving. How exactly to do this while also being present on social media…well that is a hurdle for future me to deal with. But along with the booths I hope to run, I’d like to have new merch for each one, to help rotate my inventory. All pieces will be shared on my Patreon first, as one of the perks of helping to support my art journey.
  • CREATE A COHESIVE PORTFOLIO. Since I started ArtsyRobotz, I went with the flow of whatever my heart desired. Well, this year I want to lockdown exactly what it means for it to be an ArtsyRobotz piece. What the subject matter is, the tone, the overall story. I still want to go with the flow, but I think a more curated portfolio will help advance my art more efficiently. And I’d like to test that hypothesis this year. So this one is more of a project then a SMART goal, but I think it still should be added to my New Years resolution.

Unlike past years, I plan to hold myself accountable by sharing the results here in December. The successes, the failures, all the disgusting nitty gritty of how my journey is progressing.

I hope you’ll join me along the way as we dive into the new year!

Until next time,



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