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Working On My First Mural

Last year was thrown into absolute chaos for me for the most wonderful of reasons. Very early on in the year I got the exciting news that I was pregnant!

Immediately plans started forming for what the nursery would look like, and my husband and I agreed it had to be inspired by The Hobbit. It was a bedtime story for me as a kid, and one of the inspirations for our favorite hobby, DND. It felt right to share this story with him early on in his life, to continue the legacy.

Blocking Out The Design

I wanted the design itself to be inspired by the block-print illustrations from the edition that was read to me as a child. But I also wanted it to feel like a piece from a children’s illustrated book as well with bright colors and a simple design. As I worked on the mock-up, the concept turned into a blend of the two, with the sharp lineart of a block print but the coloring of a children’s book.

It took a couple tries, but once the concept was locked in, I was ready to start! Or so I thought…

Calling In Help

My baby’s due date was fast approaching, and I had yet to start on the actual mural. My energy levels were low, and getting up the stairs to the nursery was a hurdle in and of instead. It was starting to look like this was going to be a wild dream that wouldn’t be completed until after he was born. If at all.

That’s when my mom swooped in and came to the rescue. We had already been planning for her to come down to help my husband and I transition into parenthood. As we talked and planned out her visit, she suggested coming in early to help us prep the house for the baby’s arrival. I offhand mentioned my idea for the mural, and she was in.

The day arrived for her flight, and after a moment to catch our breath, we got to work on gathering our supplies, plotting our course, and beginning to paint!

Though I was thirty eight weeks pregnant, I was adamant that I wanted to be part of the process. So as my mom worked on the upper part of the mural, I sat in a chair and worked on the bottom half. It had been years since my mom and I worked on a project together. It was so refreshing to get the chance to talk and create something for our newest member of the family.

The template for Smaug. Hand drawn by me.

The Results

After a week of hard work, we were able to finish the mural. It wiped me out to the point that my mom ended up having to do the final touches all by herself. But the results, oh. It was everything I had hoped for. It added a nice splash of color to an otherwise dark room, and transformed this space into a kid’s room.

If you’d like to steps taken to create this mural, check out the link to my mom’s post on BeeVee Creative Crafts, that shares it all!

We’re still adding to this room, finding plushies and wall hangings that are fun and engaging for the baby while still being on theme with the hobbit. It feels nice to share a story that is like a legacy to my baby from our family. Though he’s here and almost three months old, there’s still a few months before he moves into this room. I can’t wait to finish it!

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