FanArt of the Day: Horizon New Dawn

As soon as this game got announced I was enthralled. My heart raced and my breath stopped short as I watched the trailer.

This game is set in the future where the world as we know it ended, but life prevailed in its wake. Robots roam the land that look very similar to ancestral animals. And the game is designed to be an open world. These are three things that just thinking about them combined gets me excited.

Cause I love the “What if?” question that starts all great sci-fi classics. What if a boat could go 10,000 feet under the sea? What if plastic surgery was used as a way to control the populace? What if robots had three rules that they could never break?

It inspires the mind and starts a cascade of inspiring scientists to ask the same questions and try to solve the answers in real life. Just look at history and you can see the line up of how the most crazy stories shaped our world today to where now when we read them, they seem mundane. But at the time, they were groundbreaking.

Now, valid, not all sci-fi stories have this honor. But in today’s world, a lot of video games start with that simple question. What if? And then the brainstorming, goofing off, and all out talking about it leads to some of the greatest stories we remember and love. For example, Resident Evil, Fallout, Halo, Destiny (If you take the time to read the bits they give you out of game), and so many more.

This game just came out earlier this week. And to say the very least, I have a gut feeling that’ll be a great story as well. Which scares me because that is a sign that I’ve built it up too much.

So for now, I plan to just focus on geeking out about the artwork. At least until I finally get my hands on a copy and get to play it.


If you would like to see my process for making it, check out the video below! Thank you all for joining me, and may you have a great rest of the week!


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