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Behind-The-Scenes || My “Art Studio”

My “Art Studio”is really just my work area. It’s my little escape from the world. I’m not going to lie, most of the time it’s completely a hot mess, but over the weekend I try cleaning it up and prepping it for the next week.

My desktop


My desk was a gift from my fiance for my birthday this year. It’s the first desk I’ve ever regularly used while at home.


My favorite studio pouch at the moment is from my collection on Redbubble. The quality of it is well worth the money, plus it’s the perfect size to collect all of my favorite art supplies for when I’m on the go. Or to kept all the supplies I’m using at the moment in one place.

My lamp is from back home, and is pointed towards the wall because of how hard of a light it is.My Lamp_Pencil Holder

All of my art books, sketchbooks, etc. are in a pile in a shoe box because I don’t have a proper bookshelf for them. My art supplies, for the most part, are in the Shiner six-pack case, because it’s such a nice substitute for a pencil holder.

So yeah, that’s my work space at the moment. It’s a big upgrade from what it use to be ( a small, portable green table).

Hope y’all have a good day!


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