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Behind-The-Scenes: My “Art Studio”

My "Art Studio"is really just my work area. It's my little escape from the world. I'm not going to lie, most of the time it's completely a hot mess, but over the weekend I try cleaning it up and prepping it for the next week.   My desk was a gift from my fiance for… Continue reading Behind-The-Scenes: My “Art Studio”

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My Little Black Pen

Have you heard about the little black dress? It has been a staple in most closets since the 1920s. One of the best versatile pieces in a wardrobe that you can dress up or down given what you need for the occasion. It's simple and yet can be the base for many great outfits. In my art… Continue reading My Little Black Pen

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Monthly Round-Up: September 2016

Hi everyone! How are you? Hopefully this past month has been good to you. For me, it's been busy though you probably couldn't tell from how I've only put up...one post this month!? What have I been up to? What's Happened on the Blog? I created a second update for the Waste Not Reading Challenge.… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: September 2016

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Deciding On A New Years Resolution for 2015

With every New Year people everywhere make a New Years resolution. We make resolutions that are positive and at the time motivating. Usually these Resolutions never come to be. This is probably because most of these goals are set a little too high. What I mean by that is we want these goals to be… Continue reading Deciding On A New Years Resolution for 2015