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Deciding On A New Years Resolution for 2015

With every New Year people everywhere make a New Years resolution. We make resolutions that are positive and at the time motivating. Usually these Resolutions never come to be. This is probably because most of these goals are set a little too high. What I mean by that is we want these goals to be achieved instantly. Most resolutions like these can not be achieved soon enough for us to feel the pleasure we want.

I am a victim of this myself. Each New Year I tell myself that I will do better in school, I will practice my clarinet more, I will go to the gym and workout, I will keep my room organized for the whole year (yeah, being unorganized is one of my biggest problems…). The list goes on and on. Most of my goals I never accomplished. I keep my passion to fulfill these goals for about a month, then it gets lost when the everyday problems of life start to make me get stressed out. These goals all turn into broken resolutions. How do I fix this though? How do I make better New Years Resolutions?

  • Think. Yep. Think about what you want to accomplish in this next year. Is it become better at a hobby? Stay positive most of your day? Try to narrow down your thoughts to the point that you realize what you want to improve. Remember that you have a year to achieve this. In other words, make it easy to achieve in a year.
    • For me, this is difficult. I want to improve my skills in many areas. As of right now my main goal for this next year is to become more productive. I want to be able to work on this blog, my college degree, and be able to have time to keep up with friends and family. If I can become more productive thoughout the day, I believe I can do all of this and become less stressed while I am at it.
  • Baby Steps. This is the part of a New Years Resolution most people miss. The whole point of a resolution in my opinion is that you want to improve an area of your life by the end of the next year. That is 365 days of working to that goal. Which means, you have time to get to that goal. Take baby steps to reach that goal. Set out a plan on how you want to accomplish your resolution.
    • Let’s take my resolution to become more productive. I will not immediately overnight become a master in productivity. Instead, I plan on trying to find ways to keep myself motivated. To learn how to make a To-Do List for the day that can be accomplished so I can feel successful for that day.
  • Patience. I know this is hard to keep, but have patience. Remember your goal and how you will reach it.

What is your resolution for 2015?

On the other hand, you could completely say NO to the whole resolution thing. On New Years Eve you could look back on the past year and rejoice in the things you accomplished. I think it is sometimes better for a person’s sanity if they stop reaching for goals and instead stop for a second to enjoy the progress they have made.

Either way that you decide to enjoy the New Year, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and may 2015 bring adventures to you all.


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