Galactic Orca and Fanart Love

I noticed the other day that I have been posting a lot of fan art on this blog. It seems that television shows and movies inspire me to draw more than I realized. I love the idea that someone made those universes from their mind. I draw fan art because I hope one day the creator of these universes see it and get the thrill of knowing they touched someone. I draw fan art because I do not want that universe to die. Fan Fiction and fan art help spread the joy of these stories. It helps keep the characters alive.

Galaxy OrcaWith that being said, I feel like I need to start drawing some more original works, for the sake of practicing. The drawing above did not take me nearly as long as I thought it would. I guess since I am trying to mimic their (the creators of the stuff I do fan art for) art style, it takes me a long time. When drawing my own thing, I have only the reference in my mind. That helps me have more freedom while drawing.

What inspires you to do your passion? Comment below, and have a great holiday weekend!



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