Art of the Day-Black Rhino

A few weeks ago a created a similar piece of an Oliphaunt. Here is a side project I have been doing of a Black Rhino while trying to get college and crafts done. I learned a lot about this species while drawing it. For example, did you know that less than 5,000 individuals are alive… Continue reading Art of the Day-Black Rhino


Galactic Orca and Fanart Love

I noticed the other day that I have been posting a lot of fan art on this blog. It seems that television shows and movies inspire me to draw more than I realized. I love the idea that someone made those universes from their mind. I draw fan art because I hope one day the creator… Continue reading Galactic Orca and Fanart Love


Ruby and Sapphire: Pokemon

One of the games that I played as a kid was Sapphire. I fell in love with the legendary pokemon in this game. The fact that they were the reason in Hoenn's folklore on how their island got created was intriguing to me. I loved that depending on which gamed you played on depended on… Continue reading Ruby and Sapphire: Pokemon