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The Little Armored One

In the past few years I've rarely have the chance to do a traditional piece. That is until a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to brush up on my skills, and took it to draw a nine-banded armadillo. This piece was inspired by the state that I've grown to love these past… Continue reading The Little Armored One

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Art of the Day: Patterned Orca

Orca's might be one of my favorite dolphins. It's at the very least in my top 3 of it's family. I really find it peaceful to draw them. I mean, sure, they have the nickname Killer Whale, but that doesn't mean they're not pleasing to the eye. I've drawn them in almost every style I enjoy… Continue reading Art of the Day: Patterned Orca


How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend

Hello everyone! Last month I posted a couple work in progress posts about this project, and can finally say I finished it. It was around Halloween that I came up with this idea. A friend in my research lab had encouraged me to follow my passion for this blog and so I wanted to repay her… Continue reading How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend