How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend

Hello everyone!

Last month I posted a couple work in progress posts about this project, and can finally say I finished it. It was around Halloween that I came up with this idea. A friend in my research lab had encouraged me to follow my passion for this blog and so I wanted to repay her by drawing her adorable cat.


I tried something new to help encourage myself into being productive with this project as well. At the end of each day I worked on this, I took a picture of the progress. The last three pics where all of the same day though (mainly because I thought it’d look cooler). Which do you prefer, a gif of the progress or a speedpaint video? Which is more fun for you to watch?

Like I mentioned earlier, she owns a cat that is very fluffy and loves the outdoors. She also mentioned to me that she loves coloring pages, and so I thought of this little design. It was very much inspired from some of my past zentangles.


Patterned Cat-Colored.jpg

I miss creating these zentangles, and will hopefully be able to get more of them done in the future.

Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!


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