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What To Draw Potential Challenge?


Ever have a moment where you don’t know exactly what you want to work on? Or you’re out of ideas? Well, that happened to me, kinda. I was doing laundry and had nothing to do while I waited for the clothes to get washed at our local laundromat. So I pulled up this app called “What to Draw” that I had downloaded a while ago but never used.

Pretty much what you do with the app is click which genre you want your drawing to be, how complex of a prompt it is, and click go. I went with an easy prompt to start off and got something along the lines of “a ghost-hunting Minotaur in the desert.” I didn’t think that I would share my results, so I didn’t take a pic of the prompt. So you’ll have to trust me that I would never think that up myself.

Anyways, this immediately made me start thinking about random Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and how they can take you almost anywhere. Which explained to me why a Minotaur would be in a desert. And thus the prompt turned into a concept my imagination understood.

It was drawn with a hybrid of traditional drawing and digital coloring. And I got to say that I love combining these two medias like this. The results are way better than if I had done it all only in traditional drawing, or if I did it just by digital illustration. It took me about 5-6 hours to complete it.

The next time I do a drawing inspired by the What to Draw app, I think I might try to do it was a video challenge and record the whole process. I think that would be fun.

I now challenge y’all to try it sometime. It doesn’t have to be with the same app, just get a prompt or idea of a drawing that you wouldn’t usually do and try it out. See what you can make. Cause the best way to improve a skill is trying something new.


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