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Draw This In Your Style || Brian Serway

My entry for Brian Gerway's Draw This In Your Style Challenge over on Instagram.

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February Emotion Challenge Prep for 2018

Last year I shared some of the prep for a challenge I planned to partake in during February called the Emotion Challenge. The goal was to create a portrait of different characters with varying expressions to improve my skills in being dynamic with my drawings. Around day 11 of the challenge, I stopped. Overall, it… Continue reading February Emotion Challenge Prep for 2018

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A Month Without A Laptop

My laptop died, but I think I know how to make this lemon into some great lemonade!

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February Art Challenge: Emotions

I guess most people feel this way about any skill they're working on, but I've had a mental list of what I need to improve upon as an artist for a while now. It is probably a mile long...okay, that's a little dramatic, but's a long list. Some artists on the internet have thought of… Continue reading February Art Challenge: Emotions

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Figuring Out My Art Medium

There are a variety of ways to create art. The type of supplies you use to do it are called an art medium (Fun Fact: the plural term is media). For example, oil paints are an art medium. As the years have passed, I've been slowly finding myself being drawn (no pun intended) to a… Continue reading Figuring Out My Art Medium

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Is It Worth Doing A YouTube Challenge?

YouTube challenges have been a classic on YouTube for a while now. They are an easy way for video makers to interact either A.) with their community, B.) with other youtubers, or C.) just to have fun. These challenges are usually easy to follow and understand, and I'll admit that I have moments where I… Continue reading Is It Worth Doing A YouTube Challenge?

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Inktober: Week 3 Highlight

I wanted to draw everyday. I wanted to...but I haven't. 😦 I could say that it's because of my classes, because I'm trying to run a YouTube segment, because I'm trying to understand social media, because, because because...all of these are excuses. I honestly forgot on some days and got too far behind to catch… Continue reading Inktober: Week 3 Highlight

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Inktober: Week 2 Highlight

Hi guys! If you follow me on Tumblr or Instagram, you've probably seen me posting my inks each day, or at least each day that I remember. 😉  Today I would like to look back on this past week and highlight my personal favorite drawing from these Inktober doodles. Thanks to this challenge, I've been… Continue reading Inktober: Week 2 Highlight

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Inktober: Week 1 Highlight

Hello! I started the Inktober challenge and so far I've been able to keep up with inking each day. Which is amazing to me! Though I don't think that my skill of actually drawing has not improved, at least the time to draw things has decreased! That's some type of improvement! I think? I have… Continue reading Inktober: Week 1 Highlight

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The Inktober Challenge!

Back in 2009 Jake Parker created what is now known as InkTober, an art challenge to help improve his inking skills and create a positive drawing habit. Now it's turned into a worldwide art challenge many artist accept. The rules are outlined on his official site, but I'll try to explain it will quick below if… Continue reading The Inktober Challenge!