February Art Challenge: Emotions

I guess most people feel this way about any skill they’re working on, but I’ve had a mental list of what I need to improve upon as an artist for a while now. It is probably a mile long…okay, that’s a little dramatic, but still…it’s a long list. Some artists on the internet have thought of fun, clever ways to improve their skills. Most of these are called Art Challenges, that can last a YouTube video, or a month. Y’all know my favorite of these, Inktober.

But since we still have a few months before that happens, and I want to…look forward to something while my government frustrates me. (That’s a blog post that can wait for another day.) So I’m going to try the emotion challenge again!

Firbolg Emotion Challenge.jpg

I don’t know of who started it, because as far as I know it’s been around since artists wanted to learn how to draw expressions. It’s only recently that people use emoticons and the like to create a grid to have people help pick the emotions they’ll draw. However, I am taking a twist on that, since I enjoy the way Inktober is set up.

So beginning in February, I want to create a drawing that each day of a different character. (There might be a bit of fan art in it as well.) Below is the list that I’ll be going off of to do this project.

Emotion challenge.jpg

If you would like to join, that’s awesome and I highly encourage you! Feel free to tag me in your pictures on Instagram, your blog post, or your favorite social media.

I will try to update this blog post each day with my drawings, as well as my Instagram page.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day!


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