The True Challenge of Inktober 2016

I promised a post of this in last month’s round-up, and here it is!

Something I’ve been trying to work on is my video editing skills, so I made quick video compilation of what all I drew that you can check out below!

(Edit: The Video was deleted and I have yet to put it back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

My inspiration for these doodles was the fact that the latest Pokemon games, Sun and Moon, are coming out November 18th. So I picked out my favorite Pokemon from each type, game, etc.

You can see what I mean in the list I made that I put below.

  • Favorite Bug Type
  • Favorite Dark Type
  • Favorite Dragon Type
  • Favorite Electric Type
  • Favorite Fairy Type
  • Favorite Fighting Type
  • Favorite Fire Type
  • Favorite Flying Type
  • Favorite Ghost Type
  • Favorite Grass Type
  • Favorite Ground Type
  • Favorite Ice Type
  • Favorite Normal Type
  • Favorite Poison Type
  • Favorite Psychic Type
  • Favorite Rock Type
  • Favorite Steel Type
  • Favorite Water Type
  • Favorite Villain Team(s) 
  • Favorite Professor
  • Favorite Main Character (Female & Male)
  • Favorite Starting Trio
  • Favorite Legendary Trio
  • Favorite Alolan Form
  • Favorite 7th Gen.

Plus, I wanted to follow along with Inktober’s official prompts. By combining these two I created what I think were some neat creations.

Which Was My Favorite?

Or, in other words, which was the one that I don’t feel the need to go back and work on.


I really, really love the way this one turned out, and if you’re a loyal fan of this blog you’ve probably seen it two times by now. This is because I feel like the rest had room for improvement.

Which Was My Least Favorite?

This is the one that needs to be completely redone because I really disliked how it turned out.


It was my Team Aqua + Lost prompt, and honestly I think it’s his eyes, or maybe it’s just how boring the coloring of it is that makes me not like it.

Something cool about this challenge is that this is the first Inktober that almost I completed all 31 drawings. I mean, I did half of them on the last few days of the challenge, and I forgot Raikou. But this was my most successful Inktober so far. Planning ahead and thinking of what I wanted to draw really helped me be able to see this one almost completely through.

However, I would say the biggest challenge of Inktober for me was making sure that I did one everyday and not get tired of doing it.

So that’ll be my true challenge next year when I try this again. I’m going to try to make sure I do it daily instead of it being so sporadic.


2 thoughts on “The True Challenge of Inktober 2016”

  1. Aww! Thank you so much for the support!

    But I’m sure your artwork is fantastic! As long as there is meaning to you in your artwork, well, I think that’s the secret ingredient to a great piece. 🙂


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