Is It Worth Doing A YouTube Challenge?

YouTube challenges have been a classic on YouTube for a while now. They are an easy way for video makers to interact either A.) with their community, B.) with other youtubers, or C.) just to have fun.

These challenges are usually easy to follow and understand, and I’ll admit that I have moments where I become obsess with watching them. And lately the challenges that have caught my attention are the ones that YouTube artists have been doing.

Cyarin, for example, is an artist that I first found and started following on Instagram. Then recently I found her YouTube channel where she does tutorial and challenges.

One of the challenges she did earlier this year was called the 15 Minute Challenge! Pretty much you take 15 minutes to speed draw something and create a video showing your creation. Below is Cyarin’s orginal video for this challenge.


Now, my artwork does not compete with hers, but I decided to accept the challenge since recently I’ve been focusing on improving the speed of my drawings.  Plus I wanted to see what it’s like to do a YouTube Challenge. 🙂

I wanted to combine the challenge with something I’ve been working on lately, drawing children. I’ve noticed that my favorite human subjects are usually in their young adult phase, so I want to add some variety.

Which is why I picked to draw fan art of…well, I’ll let you watched the video to find out. 😉

I never played the game, but I watched CommanderHolly’s Let’s Play of Undertale and had a blast watching the story unfold. She is so chill and she is always picking the videogames I want to play but don’t have time for, so I love watching her channel and keeping up with it.


I haven’t decided if I’ll keep doing the art challenges found on Youtube, but this one definitely gave me a challenge, so I’m tempted to try others to help me become a better artist by challenging myself more. What do y’all think?

If you would like to do this challenge, I say go for it! It’s definitely fun to see what you can accomplish in 15 minutes. And recording yourself makes it so much easier to see where you need to work on stuff.


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