Draw This In Your Style || Brian Serway

A little while back a Draw This In Your Style challenge by Brian Serway popped up on my Instagram feed.

I almost immediately fell in love with the dark galactic look of his piece, and was really inspired me to try my own take on it. (Which, by the way, I just found this fun new block that let’s you compare the two pieces by sliding back and forth on it which is really cool so I added it below.)

For my version though, I wanted to play with coloring since it’s one of the weaker points in my artwork and ended up with a colorful duo of star spirits meeting each other. I really enjoyed working with the colors to make this dynamic look with them.

Head over to my Artstation to see the whole collection of Draw This In your Style challenges I’ve completed so far!


5 thoughts on “Draw This In Your Style || Brian Serway”

  1. Hi Jessi, hope you are keeping well. I like both versions, both yours and the original. Yours reminded me of Princess Mononoke. Or rather the night walker thingy in Princess Mononoke

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    1. Hey! How’s it going?! Haha, I’m doing as well as one can at the moment.
      I love that movie and was definitely thinking about it as I worked on this. Love that you could tell my inspiration for it!


      1. as well as one can i as much as anyone can at the minute. I am also doing well, thanks. I couldn’t remember if you had ever discussed Ghibli on your blog but I felt that if you didn’t get the reference then I wasnt half the judge of character I thought I was. It was a great movie, though for reasons, I prefer Laputa castle in the sky. Mononoke is probably a close second.

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        1. I don’t remember either if I have but thanks to Ghibli I learned that fantasy slice of life is one of my favorite genres to hear stories of. Aw, Castle in the Sky is great! I think my top two would be Howl’s Moving Castle and then Princess Mononoke. I can’t even remember at this point how many times I’ve watched them. XD


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