Trying Something New || Speedpaint Music Videos

I have found that when working on a project, my greatest joy comes from just having fun with the process of creating. But for the most part, I hide this section of my artwork away.

Not on purpose though! I have tried to find ways of sharing this part of my process in the past. For a while I tried work in progress blogposts, but those felt like they didn’t really share the energy of what happens in those moments. Then I tried streaming a while back as a way to share my work as it was created, but alas it didn’t mesh with me either.

I loved the concept I wanted to create with my stream though. Of a place to go to enjoy music and watch art be created. But trying to keep up with chat and my work was not ideal for me. And sometimes that happens. Not all platforms are for everyone. But thanks to this experience I think I’ve found something that works for me. Of combining art with a chill spot to hang at. And that’s how we came to my new project.

The goal of this project is to create beautiful time-lapses of my work in progress, from the inking to getting the base colors down to finally seeing the end results. I wanted to create videos with great music, inspired by my tastes or the art itself, that could be added to playlists without being too abrasive with extra audio. So no intros, no outros, just the music and art speaking for themselves.

This piece for my first video started as one of the fan art pieces my patrons voted on to be a downloadable print for them. After some quick playing around with my recording equipment and the basic video editing software on my computer, I put together the video above!

If you like what you see and would like to support this project, please like and subscribe to the channel to find more of my work and music there in the future. (There are a few videos already available, so feel free to look around on the page!)

C3PO driving a sand cruiser with R2D2 riding shotgun as they drive around Tatooine. Banners hold the phrase Rebel Scum around the vehicle.
Full version of the finished illustration.

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