Geometric and Line Doodle

Last week I created a recycled sketchbook out of package paper and an old cardboard 24-pack. I started doodling on the first page, and created what you see below.

GeometricLine Doodle

The best thing about doodles is that they can transform into anything. I originally was just using metallic sharpies and drawing geometric shapes. A little bit later I came back to it  and used a black pen to connect the shapes and began drawing on the shapes. This doodle ended up turning into something completely different then what I was imagining.

This has been a great stress reliever for me though. Sure it didn’t end up like I thought it would, but I was able to let my mind drift while creating it. It was what I assume meditating does for the mind. I have not tried meditation, though I’ve heard it is great stress reliever!

What is your favorite stress reliever?


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