Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Dress

After working a bit on Exemplar’s jacket, which is still a work in progress, I have come to a halt. I need to get more material and thread before I can finish it up. So I started working on my own cosplay, Pinion, from the GreaterthanGames Sentinal Tactics!pinion[1]

The first thing I had to do was modify the neckline by hemming the straight cut of the dress I bought to a V-shape. Next I measured out the yellow-gold material and have been stitching it unto the dress. I am still working on sewing the yellow-gold material unto the dress. I think I will have this part of the cosplay completed this week. Cross your fingers for me please!


After I get this piece and a couple others done I think I will be ready for a “test run.” Which means that I will be willing to post what it looks like on me on this blog. I have to say this cosplay has taught me a lot, which I have listed below.

Things I’ve Learned

  • Even if the fabric looks like it is in the perfect 11124730_10203171220639734_1641750785_nshape when pinned, after sewing it will always look different.
  • Hand stitching will always make your creation look homemade. Usually that’s  a good thing, but I am not so sure about it with this cosplay.
  • Give yourself a longer time period than needed to complete a project.
  • Watching a show while sewing will slow down the process. I think I need to find some podcast to listen to. Anyone have a suggestion?

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