The power of Hobbies

What exactly makes a hobby a stress reliever? I have been running this thought through my head for a while now. During the semester I have noticed that I pick easy projects to work on. Does this help my stress relief?

My latest work in progress photo of some fanart. Hopefully this will get completed over the weekend.

For myself, yes, I think so. There are moments during the semester that I feel hopeless. That no matter how much I study, I will never learn a concept. Does anyone else get that feeling?

When this happens, I assume it’s stress telling me this. For stress is the fear of not being able to complete something, and that is definitely something I feel while trying to learn.

At those moments I take a deep breath, and walk away from what I was working on to do a crafty or artsy project. I think about the concept while I work, and try to connect the links I do not understand. When the project is done, I usually understand my concept a lot better, at least enough to where I am able to get on with my studies.

So I guess what makes a hobby a stress reliever is one that helps you solve the problem giving you the stress. A hobby that gives time for you to walk away from whatever is giving you stress and come back refreshed. They say that your brain works on a problem even when you’re doing other things. Maybe this is why hobbies help with stress.


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