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Owl Mail It To You || Finding Your Familiar Series #1

I’ve always enjoyed a good story involving magic. And with every tale I’ve come across, it seems that one of the necessities of being a proper magic user is having a familiar to join your excursions. But how do you find the one that’s a right fit for you?

Welcome to the quiet announcement of the start of a new art series here in the ArtsyRobotz Studio. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing excerpts and illustrations from the fictional book Finding the Perfect Familiar For Your Lifestyle, starting with a classic familiar, the owl!

Timelapse of Art Process

“Owls make great companions for those working late in the night. Not only can they make sure no pests get into your hard earned gathered materials, but they can deliver mail and packages to your friends overnight. However they do require some training to not have owl pellets in the house…”

-Excerpt from Finding the Perfect Familiar For Your Lifestyle by Maria Embernewt

Come join me in the exploration of finding whimsical moments of familiars helping out their mystical friends!

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