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Family Traditions

I went home for Thanksgiving last week. While there my parents started to tell stories about their Christmas past. My mom’s brothers would go out and cut a Christmas tree for the season. My dad’s mom would cook a fantastic homemade meal for them. This got me thinking, and I have been pondering about it ever since. How do family traditions differ during this holiday season?

It seems that during this time everyone turns into a Who from Whoville and is rushing around trying to get that perfect Christmas gift for their friends and/or family. Their daughter will “literally die” when she sees that new tablet they got her. Their son will freak when he sees that new Skylander’s toy that is the must have this holiday season. Now do not get me wrong, I love getting new technology. I even got myself a new tablet during this past Black Friday sale. (It only cost me $40 and had a case with a keyboard built-in it. I could not pass that up.) It just seems that for the first week, and even the whole month before December, is all about rushing around buying gifts. Does this count as a holiday tradition?

In my house, we celebrate Christmas during this month. It is a time where we celebrate each others company and it is almost like another Thanksgiving, but with presents. While growing up, my mom would explain the history of Christmas, and how it came to be the holiday so many know and love. (I do not really want to get into the details, but it is a story that is worth googling.) My family is Christian, and I always thought it was weird that for most families with this religion had a tradition of celebrating Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. Did they do it because it was  tradition?

My family does have an unusual tradition during this season. One Christmas my parents got my brother and I the Phantom of the Opera on DVD. Ever since then we watch it on Christmas night and try to sing along with it. It was not until a year or two ago that I realized that this had become a family tradition.

Does your family have any traditions during this holiday season?


3 thoughts on “Family Traditions”

  1. My family gets together as well, traditionally at my grandparents house. While there he grandchildren all look for a special ornament on the tree (a pickle, which I have no idea why). The person who finds it gets one extra present. We also all must listen to and sing along to “Dominick the Donkey” which is about A donkey which pulls Santa’s sleigh while in Italy.


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