What Made My Weekend

Alone by Armin Van Burren. This song is about how people seem to ignore real life and focus more on the internet. This song made me start to think about my own life and my love of the internet. It has been stuck in my head all weekend. This pop-ish song is worth a listen (if you’re into that genre).

Fuzzy Socks. Over Christmas one of my family members got me a couple of fuzzy socks and this weekend I could not get enough of them. My feet were so warm and cozy that I couldn’t help but have high spirits.

Flash and Arrow. Over the weekend CW announced that both Flash and Arrow are going to continue with their next seasons. Plus, they will now have an annual crossover, which makes me very excited. These two series are watched on a weekly basis in my apartment, which is rare for me. I usually just marathon a season when’s it’s done.

What made your weekend?


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