What Made My Weekend

Jupiter Ascending. I got to go to the movie theater for the first time this year.  This movie was, in the true definition of the word, meh. I didn’t love it, nor did I hate it. It was visually gorgeous though, and gave me an excuse to get out of my apartment, which I really enjoyed.

Sushi Go! Over the weekend I got a new “filler” card game called Sushi Go! It takes about 15 minutes to complete a game of it. The game has cute, adorable art too! I would recommend this to anyone who likes drafting card games, but wouldn’t mind having a light-hearted game to fill the gap between playing longer games. Or just a fun game to play randomly when you have time to spare.

“Sometimes the Wrong Choices Bring Us to the Right Places.”

– Anonymous

Sushi. Yep. After buying Sushi Go! I kept thinking about sushi until I finally broke down and went out to get some.

How was your weekend?


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